• 100% Giant Miscanthusinsulating & comfortable

  • Proven Performance: Used by leading poultry companies

  • Soft & Ultra Absorbent: up to 3 times its weight. More than pine shavings, saw dust or rice hulls.

  • low moisture: >18%; reduces foot/hock burn, blisters & pododermatitis

  • low compaction: creates a soft & aerated bed

  • less odor: Ammonia absorbed & neutralized quickly – high carbon to Nitrogen ratio.

  • cost effective: Longer lasting & easy to maintain – grown locally

  • eco-friendly & sustainable fiber source: Regrows every year! – Produces 3 times more fiber than pine.

  • Easy to manage: Goes in easy and windrows / composts well

  • All Natural and Safe: No harmful pesticides or chemicals used in the growing, harvesting or packaging.

Absorption Rate Comparison:

Pounds of water per pound of weight.

Thrivez is the most absorbent natural bedding available, absorbing over 3 times wood shavings and 300% more than wood pellets (Bangor University – July 2013)

  • Thrivez Poultry Bedding
  • Kiln Dried Sawdust
  • Kiln Dried Pine Shavings
  • Rice Hulls
  • Wet Sawdust / Shavings

For backyard, do it your self, environmental conscious chicken coop owners looking for bagged solutions. Consistent product delivered every-time.

For mid size poultry producers needing at least 12 cu ft of coverage (5 bags) or by the pallet and super stacks, with quick delivery.

For commercial growers looking for a reliable, cost effective alternative  that maximizes production while improving the environment. Click the link above to learn more.

Check out what our customers are saying about Thrivez!

  • “Better bedding. Better birds. Better bottom line.
    What’s not to like?”

    Chris Stancill NC Commercial Poultry Grower
  • “Thrivez is the one product I’ve seen that’s made the grade. It has been tested in the university setting and in the poultry houses. The birds have proven it out.”

    Jessie Grimes NCSU
  • "The Thrivez poultry bedding product produced by Repreve Renewables is one of the most innovative poultry bedding solution to come to market. Sanderson Farms has used the Thrivez product in some commercial poultry houses over the last 3 years."

    Randy Pettus Director of Live Production, Sanderson Farms

Environmental stewardship is important for our future generations. THRIVEZ is one solution that helps meet this commitment. The crop regrows annually without replanting; sequesters 3 times more carbon than Pine; improves water quality and reduces soil erosion. THRIVEZ also provides a reduction in energy requirements for drying due to its naturally dry composition. Learn how to participate as a local grower today.


We have several distribution centers through out the major poultry producing areas of the continental US. We economically deliver our product within 100 miles of the following locations:

  • North Carolina Operation
    4290 Arrington Bridge Rd
    Seven Springs, NC 28578
  • Arkansas Operation
    N470 Road
    Jay, OK 74346
  • Georgia Operation
    (Certified Organic Crops producer)
    100-162 Stanley Cemetery Road
    Montrose, GA 31065
  • Mississippi Operation
    Mills Rd.
    Madden, MS 39189
  • Wisconsin Operation
    1175 E 130th Ave.
    Amery, WI 54001
  • Maryland Operation
    Ninetown Road,
    Ridgely, MD 21660

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THRIVEZ proven performance also comes from the millions of birds produced on it and the positive results from industry leading commercial growers and integrators.

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